DOCS is a company that offers consulting, design and diagnostic services in the field of physical and chemical agents, boasting the highest technical and scientific expertise and thirty years of experience made of highly prestigious national and internation al achievements and interventions. The areas of intervention of DOCS are vast and differentiated and range from acoustics to vibrations, from environmental impact to the analysis of physical and chemical risks, from diagnostic techniques using ultrasound and vibrations, to the design of environments with specific acoustic requirements, up to third party appraisals, tests and audits.

DOCS’s activity is characterized by constant attention to technical and regulatory evolution, by the total mastery in the use of measurement instruments and more complex investigation methodologies, by continuous availability and by almost immediate activation times.

DOCS always carefully evaluates every single specific situation and offers its customers only advice and / or solutions tailored and tailored to their needs. So do not hesitate to submit your case to us: HERE TO HEAR is our motto.

Dott. Stefano De Stabile

Dott. Stefano De Stabile has a Master degree in theoretical physics with full marks and honors, he started working as an acoustician since 1988. During the years he founded and own different companies and also hold the position of Sound Noise & Vibration National Manager for Bureau Veritas (multinational inspection and certification company), in 2016 he left to found DOCS. Stefano’s main skills and experience are found in the fields of Architectural Acoustics, Building Acoustics and Noise Control, with a vast portfolio of clients and realizations among which the most important Italian symphonic orchestras and musical institutions. Stefano knows and manage different acoustic software and he has a deep knowledge in signal analysis and reconstruction techniques like acoustic holography and beamforming, is also responsible for the technical activities of the company.

Geom. Iacopo De Stabile

Geom. Iacopo De Stabile graduate as building surveyor, he moved aboard soon after, he had work experience in Kenya and Australia before going to UK in 2008, where he stayed for roughly 10 years, working in Virgin Active and Nuffield Health as General Manager. In 2017 he moves back to Italy to work for DOCS as Business develop manager. He also takes care or the NOP of the company and the relationship with the costumers.


The importance of experience

DOCS was born in 1988 when the acoustics and audio were exclusively analog, the internet did not exist, and a high end personal computer had a 128 MB HD.

Having started to conduct measurements, perform analyzes, carry out calculations, draw up projects in that historical era and then have experienced all the evolution that this science has gone through (the advent of digital, holographic techniques, AI ) has allowed us to acquire a wealth of experience and knowledge that guarantees us a complete, historical and holistic vision of any acoustic problem.


The evolution of the activity, method and instrumentation

DOCS over the years has considerably expanded its field of action which is no longer limited to Acoustics (sound, noise, vibrations): today we conduct checks, investigations, analyses and assessments in the field of all physical, chemical and biological, we carry out diagnostic investigations (ultrasonic and vibrational) on machines and systems, we periodically check the EVAC systems with reference to the limit values provided by the various regulatory dictates.

In carrying out all these activities DOCS makes use of professional skills at the highest level and uses technologically advanced hardware and software instruments such as, for example, the CAM IV 64 by Sorama , a real time and stand alone portable acoustic chamber that allows , in each sound context, to identify and discriminate the single sources of noise in an extremely precise and incontrovertible way.


Opportunity, Sustainability and Innovation

Since its inception DOCS has always maintained very close ties with the world of national and international research; as a bonus it has obtained constant scientific updating and a vision that has always been oriented towards the new.
Today’s world presents us with new and crucial challenges; technical and scientific objectives must increasingly be achieved without significant impacts on the environment and with careful control over the energy used to obtain them.

Everything that once could be achieved with an overabundance of materials that are most often non recyclable and sometimes even polluting, today represents a real sacrilege. Today the way to control physical pollutants (noise, vibrations, electromagnetic) passes through a new generation of materials, the so called “metamaterials”, which are characterized by new and unusual properties, exclusive to their shape and geometry: in this way it is possible to obtain products with outstanding performance using any material, which can thus be chosen from those recycled, recyclable and with zero environmental impact.

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